4th February 2016

At the start of 2015 I was given the opportunity to turn my dream of having a vegetable garden into reality.

Vegetables, produce & ingredients are the fundamental starting point to any kitchen or chef and they have always been a strong focus point within our concept and aim at Nourish.

An idea of cooking with seasonal ingredients and achieving natural flavours that compliment each other this is my working practise. Reflecting on our ancestral traditions & cultural heritage, to provide ethical and sustainable food, moving with the seasons at the same time as maintaining our connection with the nature.

A journey to promote ingredients that our naturally beneficial to us. What a better way to start than from scratch, going back to basics of learning how to grow organically using only natural & traditions fertilizer in the form of rack or manure to help the soil and plants. To pick fresh and ripe ingredients as we need them rather than having them sit wilting away at the back of the fridge almost being sucked of life! Taking only what we need and a few extra to give & swap with our fellow growers.

Field to Fork will be my personal journey of growing through the seasons and hopefully being able to introduce this into our practice at Nourish, to share with our clients, guests, suppliers and all the people I will not only cook for but also interact with this year.


I’m looking forward to the flourishing months ahead!